Jamia Urdu, Chennai, Tamilnadu

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Jamia Urdu

  ‘Jamia Urdu’ , Tamil nadu was established with prime vision and objective to promote the Urdu Language across the globe and especially to the remotest part of this country for the betterment and upliftment of Muslim Minority Community. As number of Muslim Community are unable to get education due to their financial constrains and being placed in the remote areas.

  Jamia Urdu, Tamil Nadu is running various Academic, Professional and Technical courses in order to boost up the student’s career in their respective areas of interest. Jamia Urdu, Tamil Nadu courses are recognized nationally as well as internationally. The courses run by ‘Jamia Urdu’ Tamil Nadu are very helpful for the Muslim Minority Community which would help the students in their proper job opportunity on completion of the courses.

   After successful completion of the Academic courses run by Jamia Urdu, Tamil Nadu the students would be provided an opportunity to enroll themselves in Teacher’s Training and Paramedical Courses offer by Jamia Urdu, Tamil Nadu that would provide job opportunities to the students of Jamia Urdu, Tamil Nadu in private as well as public sector equally.